The international Rorschach Institute was founded in 2020 by a senior members of the Comprehensive System International Rorschach Association (CSIRA). We established a partnership with John Exner’s daughter, Andrea Priddy, who is now running Rorschach Workshops. The development of the CS Revised (CS-R) is authorized and supported by Rorschach Workshops.

The Rorschach CS needs a fresher look ! We are currently revising and updating administration procedures, scoring criterion and interpretation algorithms. A major addition to the CS is the possibility for psychologists to use their national norms in daily practice. For example, the CS-R will allow a Japanese psychologist to compare the results of a Japanese person who took the test to the CS Japanese norms.

The new official computer software for the CS-R, CHESSSS 2®, is designed to be very user friendly, comparisons of CS-R results to CS national norms will be performed automatically and results will be presented in a specific straightforward normative report. CHESSSS 2 is going to be a native desktop solution (directly installed on a computer) and will be available on Mac and PCs. Psychologists will be able to save their results on their personal computer and keep control of their data.

CHESSSS 2 is being developed in the C# language which is robust and efficient. It was designed by Patrick Fontan in collaboration with Institute members and it is being programmed by Central America Software Services (CASS), a French society which is a leader in the Computer Social Economic field and has developed ambitious social programs in Salvador as well as the Fair Programming label. Check out the links for further information !